Friday, 14 March 2014

no title

we used to lived each other. we used to be lovey dovey. we used to cannot live without each other. but not now. it ended. i don't know what went wrong. where the love gone? where all the promise that u promised me before i accept u? i am still waiting for the answer. but no answer.

i love u. yes. i love u with all my heart. still do. u are my life. and still do. i cannot live without u. if u already find someone else, that makes u feel in love again,tell me. maybe we are not meant to be each other. but just remember that i am still here. waiting. always for u.

i used to be easy to forget about the past. forgot about other people. but not u. untill now. still remember and thinking of u. the memories with u are keep playing in my mind. when i close my eyes, i see ur smile.

i still remember all the things that we did together. bowling, watch movies, walk from melaka sentral to aeon..and so many things. still remember u said that u dont like the heat. still remember thay u said that u miss ur mum and dad. u miss ur little brother. still remember that u cannot study because of the tension. i told u to talk to ur mum. it will makes u better.

and i still remember early 2011, something bad happened there. i cannot sleep. just thinking of your safety. i cried, i couldn't eat. i still remember that time i always sit infront of the laptop just to want to know the update. i called u. and make sure u make me a miss call to make sure u r ok.

4 years goes by...and i still love u like the early stage. i love u not because of your look, yes i admit u are good looking, have a nice body, a very good man. an amazing man. but i love u because of u. yes u.

but maybe the love isn't there anymore. its lost. it makes me lost. but i know, Allah always have the best plan for us.