Monday, 21 April 2014

For You

i don't know where to start..i don't know why.. why u did this? if u want the the answer..

yes i still not over u. yes i waited for u before..4 is not a short time..we knew since we were is not if i already have someone always about us..i told u..i need to move on..for u..u need to move on..for your family..your family already chose someone for u..u dont think my heart hurt so much after i heard that? i almost lost my faith..lost my life..i cant even think..i cannot do anything..

i feel like im dying there...without u...i feel im nothing..u were my everything..i cried, begged to u before..then what u were doing at that time? i texted u..but u just ignore me like im just a someone u never know..someone u dont wanna know..

if u asked me..what i said before when we met..yes it is true from my heart..i tried to win u back..but u made me like an idiot..begged u..and u just ignored me..

now u come back asking me so much question. u know my heart will shaking. and it did. if Allah let us to be together, it will be. i wish u all the best. just remember that i will be here if u need anything. im still ur friend that will push u through.

please do for your family.