Mr Teddy

Part 1 for Mr Teddy

Page ni special aku tujukan untuk si dia. Segala yang aku tulis kat sini untuk si dia. Nak tahu siapa dia? Ermmm. Biarlah rahsia. Pada siapa yang tahu tu mesti la tau kan?! Well ape pon saya sayang awak!! U know who U r....My  Mr  Baby Teddy!!

u used to be like this~~

but now u r like this~~

But no matter what u look like, I still luv u and always will!! Hope u do the same.

Part 2 for Mr Teddy

I'm glad that u've found me Teddy! Thank you for everything.
Just wanna say thank you because being there whenever i need you even you million miles away from me.
Thanks coz treat me well even though sometimes I don't want to listen to you and like childish.
Thank you coz willing not to play futsal coz i ask u not to. 
Thank you coz called me from Jeddah that day.
Thank you for the teddy as your replacement while u there. But nothing can replace my Mr Teddy.
Thank you coz worried about me if i'm sick.
Thank you coz care about me.
Thank you coz always remember me.(well you should!)
Thank you coz always miss me like i do.
Thank you coz loving me and always will.
And let's pray together that our love will last and keep growing.
Love u so much Mr Teddy!!

Part 3 for Mr Teddy

This song called Cinta by Nazim Othman. Special for my Mr Teddy. 


Part 4 for Mr Teddy